Every year we recognize and honor outstanding non profit organizations for the excellent work they do. You can nominate your favorite organization for one of the following awards:

  • The Legacy Award & The Luminary Award: Who do you know that is an outstanding humanitarian, philanthropist and or nonprofit founder or full-time volunteer? ALL AGES are welcome for consideration for these coveted awards at our Summit Celebration event!
  • The Aurea Hope Award: Who do you know that gives and gives with all their heart daily, loves people and life more than anything and makes everyone around them happier when they walk in the room? Nominate that person!!
  • The Marley Legacy Award: In memory of Marley, our Legacy Award alumni winner who lost his battle with cancer this year, but who’s legacy lives on. Pet therapy dog, gentle giant Great Pyrenees and Mark Myers best friend “MARLEY”.Together they went on over 190 pet therapy visits in their first year alone. Putting smiles on people’s faces for many years to come, in hospitals, nursing homes and in schools, just to name a few. Nominate an outstanding dog, pet or nonprofit organization that partners with animals to make our lives better and happier.

Nomination Requirements:

There are no limits on how many outstanding people you can nominate. Those submissions who win a nomination must be able to attend the summit in order to be able to accept. All winners will be awarded and celebrated on stage on MARCH 24-25th, 2019. All official nominees will receive special recognition and certificates at the summit too!

Official Nomination Form

You may come back as many times as you'd like in order to nominate more people. Please fill out only one nominee per form at a time.

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